(initiating country: Russia)
Team competitions in waste collection and sorting at coastal and green territories. The players use the mobile app with the map and online scoretable.

1) Become the organizer of Clean Games on your territory - get a methodology, access to the cleangames.org website and mobile application;

2) Following the methodology, determine the venue for the competition, attract resources, conduct an information campaign in the media and social networks, attract participants and volunteers, organize competitions for separate waste collection;

3) Register teams, find out the exact statistics - the number of bags and the weight of the collected garbage and recyclables in the application and on the website right during the game;

4) Share interesting finds and check-ins (before and after photos with geotags through the application), find artifacts, perform other activities;

5) Receive positive feedback from participants, connect with conservationists and develop local ecological communities.

The project was launched in Russia in 2014, today it is being implemented in 20 countries of the world and unites more than 600,000 participants.

Algeria became another country participating in the project, an agreement on this was signed by the participant of the IPC Salah Eddin Tiar. IPC participants from India are also involved in this area of work with a nationally adapted form of the project.