(initiating country: Tajikistan)
The project is aimed at improving the quality of the extracurricular process and the growth of students' personal competencies through the creation of new social and living conditions. Within the framework of the project, a training and consulting program is being formed on financial literacy, psychological support, advanced training and vocational guidance. Participation in this program allows students to acquire additional competencies that increase their demand in the labor market. The project involves the following tasks:

1) Create information and educational centers in student hostels for conducting optional classes;

2) Organize events with legal advice, psychological support, classes on the formation of financial and economic thinking;

3) Organize courses of the most popular foreign languages ​​in the country, computer literacy, vocational guidance, taking into account the acquired competencies;

4) Introduce a mentoring system, when senior students transfer acquired knowledge and skills to junior students;

5) Establish contacts of the created information and educational centers with potential employers and employment centers so that students can apply the acquired competencies in practice.

The project was successfully implemented in Tajikistan on the basis of the Tajik National University.