(initiator country: Jamaica)
Food security is one of the most pressing problems for many countries in the world. Jamaica is no exception and is heavily import-dependent, which especially affects the poor and most vulnerable in the society, who are most affected by rising prices. The utility project aims to ensure that communities across the country have a certain wealth and resilience when it comes to access to food. This is achieved through participation in community farming and secondary agricultural programs using a special dehydrator produced by members of the LANDS movement. This project can be implemented in any country in the world following some requirements:

1) availability of land for cultivation;

2) people willing to cultivate it;

3) consulting support from LANDS on the use of a special dehydrator.

The beneficiaries of the project will have access to a wide range of agricultural products at preferential prices. Some of them, if desired, will be assigned for secondary production using a dehydrator.

The project is being successfully implemented in Jamaica, representatives of the LANDS movement are ready to provide all the necessary methodological and organizational support to replicate this experience.