(initiating country: Bangladesh)
The project aims to create a positive attitude towards women's employment by providing training in various crafts.The goal is to increase the employment rate of women in rural areas, empower them, and improve their financial well-being.

The project involves the following tasks:

1) To identify settlements to implement the project;

2) To conduct an information campaign to involve women in the project;

3) To provide training in various crafts and handicraft production in rural areas;

4) To operate a trading platform where trained artisans can sell their handmade products, providing a stable income opportunity.

5) To monitor the improvement of the social and financial situation of project participants in order to adjust the work of the project.

The project was launched in Bangladesh in 2018. Since this period, the project has trained 132 women in sewing, crocheting and other crafts. 15% of project participants took various positions, and 72% opened their own small business despite previously having no income.