(initiating country: Russia)
The project aims to popularize reading through events with the participation of famous people. The project creates a community, which involves a wide audience from various social groups. The project involves the following tasks:

1) to organize events of reading aloud of poetry and prose of famous writers and poets at different venues. It is important to alternate the types of sites in order to attract different social groups to participate in the project. For example, literary evenings can be held in art spaces, libraries, bars, parks and squares, and other public spaces.

2) to attract a well-known person to participate in each event: pop stars, TV presenters, theater and film actors, politicians. Through the participation of media people, the interest of a wide audience in the activities of the project is ensured, and therefore in reading and literature in general.

3) to organize an “open microphone” system at each event, so that after the guest star's performance, everyone can speak. The guests of the evening read poetry and prose, introduce others to their favorite authors. Performances with works of your own composition are allowed.

4) By collecting contacts of a wide range of participants, to ensure the constant involvement of the audience in reading aloud. The attendance at the events of the project should grow steadily, the participants should attract their friends and acquaintances to the literary evenings.

5) To involve the most active project participants in the popularization of literature through other mechanisms (social networks, projects in universities and local public organizations, and so on).

The project has been successfully implemented in the Perm Territory (Russia), with the participation of well-known throughout the country showmen, actors, TV presenters