(initiating country: Mali)
The project is aimed at creating a free youth Internet television to cover current topics of the territories, as well as providing a platform for young journalists. The implementation of the project involves the following tasks:

1) to determine a platform for creating independent web television.

2) to create a team of volunteers who will deal with content and promotion, as well as a team of young journalists.

3) to work out a list of topics and programs that will be interesting to residents - local issues, political debates, cultural programs.

4) to regularly produce content aimed at highlighting certain issues.

5) to organize the promotion of Internet television to increase the coverage of viewers and further develop the project.

The project was launched in 2020 by African youth researchers and students from the Republic of Mali, an initiative was aimed at highlighting African issues in Arabic. After two years Afro Global Media has become the go-to program for African Arabic-speaking intellectuals and Arab headquarters specializing in African affairs. Since December 2022, it has been included in the IPC project portfolio and continues to be distributed in different African countries.