(initiating country: Russia)
The project is aimed at creating a permanent system for involving civil society in the fight against corruption.

The project includes the following tasks:

1) Identify the main target groups, study the initial situation with the literacy of the population in the classification of corruption;

2) Carry out a series of events to improve the literacy of residents in matters of corruption and measures of responsibility for it for each target group with the involvement of specialists from relevant departments (representatives of authorities, law enforcement agencies);

3) Organize a large-scale campaign in media, aimed at creating a negative image of corruption in the eyes of citizens, through a competition of social advertising and campaign materials;

4) Create a mechanism for anonymous reports from responsible residents about the facts of corruption through modern communication channels;

5) Synchronize all these tasks into a single mechanism that systematically affects the problem of corruption and the attitude of citizens to this phenomenon;

6) Record the results for each of the areas of work, analyze the effectiveness of the developed mechanism in comparison with the initial data.

The project started in Russia in 2015.