(initiating country: Russia)
Cultural Facets is a platform for successful adaptation of foreign students, expansion of networking between local and foreign students. The project aims to remove the cultural and language barriers of foreign students through a series of events on the basis of universities aimed at improving intercultural communication, eliminating limiting beliefs and cultural language barriers.
The social project "Cultural Facets" is carried out in three stages:

Stage I: International networking. The goal is to introduce participants to each other in order to remove socio-cultural barriers to communication through several activities.

1) Acquaintance.

2) International networking.

3) Feedback.

Stage II: Role-playing game "Cultural Facets". The goal is to introduce participants to the cultures of other countries, opportunities for self-realization in the university and in the city where the project is being implemented.

1) Conducting business games.

2) Feedback

Stage III: Mini-forum "Festival of Cultures". The goal is to familiarize participants with the social opportunities available to foreign students.

1) Networking.

2) Conducting master classes.

The project started in Moscow, Russia. The qualitative result of the project will be an increase in the level of intercultural communication among project participants by 30%, quantitatively - an increase in the involvement of students in project activities by 20% from the beginning of the project.