(initiating country: Pakistan)
The project is aimed at underprivileged children whose families cannot afford an education. As part of the project, volunteers create conditions for the education of children in the evening, conduct creative and sports activities, as well as psychological training. Also, as part of the project, on-site classes are held with all the necessary inventory and equipment. The goal of the project is to increase the level of education for children from remote and disadvantaged areas.

The project includes the following tasks:

1) Conduct monitoring of areas where assistance is needed in the education of children in the evening;

2) Form a pool of volunteers for regular classes in school subjects;

3) Create the necessary conditions at stationary sites for education in the evening (equip desks, blackboards and necessary supplies);

4) Organize the format of a "field school" so that classes can be held in the most remote areas and territories;

5) Organize extracurricular activities to expand the horizons of students (creative and sports events, excursions, psychological trainings).

El proyecto se ha ejecutado con éxito en el Pakistán, gracias al cual 1.500 niños de familias pobres reciben educación básica gratuita cada año. La adaptación nacional del proyecto se está implementando con éxito en la India. Los métodos del proyecto en una forma u otra son utilizados por organizaciones públicas de Rusia y Jamaica.