(initiating country: India)
The international project "Menstrual Literacy" is aimed at increasing the awareness of the population of different countries in matters of feminine hygiene and menstrual processes. The project includes the following tasks:

1) To organize the display of thematic cartoons and videos in schools, to conduct educational activities.

2) To remove psychological taboos on discussing such topics, dispel prejudices and myths in local communities, raise the level of awareness of girls and boys in matters of the natural processes of the body.

3) To create a "menstruation model" and a scientific exhibition on this topic for educational institutions (schools, colleges).

4) To hold a thematic celebration of Menstrual hygiene day with the involvement of doctors and experts, round tables and panel discussions, popular science lectures and entertainment events.

5) To support the Red Dot Challenge and involve the maximum number of participants in informing the general population on the issue of menstrual hygiene.

The project was conceived and implemented by IPC participants from India and is integrated into international menstrual hygiene education campaigns around the world.