(initiating country: Malaysia)
The project aims to organize interaction between young public diplomats and the official diplomatic sector. The project program consists of the following activities:

1) Media.

1.1) Daily Diplomacy Podcasts, which aim to illustrate the journey that experts, professionals and stakeholders in the diplomatic field face on a daily basis, and to bridge the gap between professionals and youth to inspire more young people to pursue a career in diplomacy.

1.2) "Diplomacy in action" - strengthening its foreign policy with the help of various organizations through a series of infographic and dialogue sessions, workshops.

1.3) Creation of infographics which demonstrate information about diplomacy in a simple way.

1.4) Creation of a magazine that covers a wide range of topics related to foreign policy and international relations. As part of the journal's activities, professionals provide a competent opinion on various issues.

2) The Ambassador Series is an event with the participation of experts and heads of mission, which also brings together emerging professionals in the field of diplomacy and youth leaders working in the field of international relations. Such direct participation allows talented young people to delve into various issues and build relationships with representatives of other countries.

3) Base of vacancies. Creation of a database for young people to study careers in diplomacy, internships, descriptions of initial career opportunities and advice. The database is free and updated weekly.

4) Participation in events. At summits, conferences and gatherings, young people have the opportunity to act as organizers and speakers, as well as to establish interaction with colleagues. Participation in webinars using online communication tools allows you to establish communications with well-known and experienced speakers in order to increase the level of competence.

5) Workshops on capacity building. Such activities provide an essential set of skills related to diplomacy, negotiation and foreign affairs literacy. The seminar includes sessions of dialogue and exchange of practices, simulations and interactive programs.

6) Diplomacy Lab is a virtual capacity building program that aims to empower young people to advocate for foreign affairs policies and strategies and SDG literacy by exposing them to relevant knowledge and diplomatic skill sets such as democratic values, negotiation .

The program started and is successfully operating in Malaysia, and the issue of implementing this project in other countries participating in the IPC is currently being worked out.