(initiating country: Egypt)
The project is aimed at creating a system of assistance to foreign students of the 1st and 2nd years in mastering the knowledge of the university program by building interaction with students through online platforms.

Tasks included in the project:

1) To determine the pool of universities in your country where foreign students study and who need help in mastering the program.

2) To assemble a team of teachers who will be ready to help foreign students at various sites in accordance with the profiles of universities.

3) To determine the pool of students who will be assisted in learning.

4) To provide freshmen with timetables, teaching materials, teacher contact information, help with portfolio development, explain the rules and laws of your country and university, be ready to answer any question throughout the year.

5) To create platforms through which regular assistance for students in mastering the program will be organized: online meetings in Zoom, chats in WhatsApp or Telegram, a YouTube channel, and so on.

6) To regularly collect feedback from students to identify new topics and areas in which help is needed.

The project began its implementation in Egypt in the direction of medicine. The team is a group of 18 Arabic and English speaking general medicine and dentistry students from 2nd to 6th year. Student assistance activities are conducted through online meetings in Zoom, Leadership Groups on WhatsApp, and videos are also posted on YouTube.