(initiating country: Venezuela)
The multicultural festival "Loro Fest" is a festival for the international exchange of cultural values. As part of the festival, foreign students can present the features of their culture in various formats, as well as get acquainted with the cultural values ​​of other countries, including the one where they study.
The project includes the following tasks:

1) To identify the pool of those students and creative teams who are ready to present the features of their culture in various formats (dances, songs, national costumes, master classes in playing national instruments);

2) To organize the participation of creative teams of the country where the event takes place;

3) To determine the most convenient and comfortable venue for the festival, reach agreements with it;

4) To hold a festival with the participation of foreign students, where teams from various countries that study in this territory, as well as teams from the country where the event is held, will be able to perform.

The project started in Perm and was organized by Luis Barrios, a student from Venezuela studying in Russia with the assistance of the IPC. The festival was attended by eight creative teams from five countries: Algeria, Venezuela, India, Mongolia and Russia - in total, more than 60 students were involved in this event. They shared the culture of their countries in the form of dances, songs, national costumes, and also held master classes in playing maracas and mini-guitar.