(initiator Country: Pakistan)
The project is aimed at the formation of interfaith and intra-confessional harmony in the school environment, as well as the prevention of racism and intolerance on religious grounds. The following tasks are envisaged as part of the project:

1) To prepare a program of lectures and seminars on peace education with the participation of authoritative speakers and experts

2) To create a list of educational institutions that will take part in the project

3) To conduct a series of educational and educational events in participating schools and identify leaders who are ready to deal with this topic on an ongoing basis

4) To make peace education a separate subject for extracurricular activities.

The project was implemented in Pakistan, it covered over 10 educational institutions, religious leaders and school leaders were involved in it. From October 2023, as part of the IPC Project Portfolio, it is being prepared for implementation in other participating countries.