(initiating country: Russia)
The project "Mentor - School without Lessons" is aimed at the socialization of adolescents in a socially dangerous situation. Within the framework of the project, volunteer mentors help the wards of the project in mastering the school curriculum through extra-curricular individual meetings, arouse interest in the educational process and self-realization, and assist in the acquisition of social skills. For the purpose of professional guidance, offsite events are held at large enterprises, where participants can get acquainted with the advantages of a particular profession and decide on their future career paths. The project involves the following tasks:
1) to form a pool of volunteer mentors among students of pedagogical universities and volunteers of youth organizations, distribute "Mentor - Pupil" pairs. To determine the disciplines which require support and to organize classes.
2) to control together with school direction the improvement of educational results, changes in behavior, and other positive factors in the interaction of the ward with the volunteer mentor.
3) to form interest groups for offsite events, to conduct a survey about the noted advantages of a particular profession, to identify the preferences of adolescents and submit them to the school direction for further career guidance.

The program has been successfully implemented in the Perm Region (Russia) since 2012, and annually several hundred at-risk teenagers become beneficiaries of the project. Since 2022, the development of the project has begun in other countries participating in the International Project Congress: India, Pakistan, etc.