(initiating country: Russia)
The VCVETE project aims to promote ecology, culture and tourism. Promotion occurs through a hybrid format of events, where environmental education, nature restoration methods and practices, physical work, intellectual design content and cultural events are mixed. It is implemented in former abandoned natural areas, as well as in urban public spaces.

The project includes the following tasks:

1) to involve volunteer organizations, scientists, local residents, students of educational organizations, orphanages, fashion theaters, artists.

2) to conduct sociological surveys.

3) to work with the local population to form their active citizenship in the process of creating a comfortable urban environment.

4) to conduct project workshops for students of related specialties (designers, architects, landscape architects) to create concepts for ecological trails.

5) to organize online conferences on ecology, culture and tourism with the involvement of experts.

6) to determine the natural area and work out the content for the anchor cultural and environmental event of the project:

6.1) Fashion shows from local designers;

6.2) Art Exhibitions

6.3) Lectures on cultural studies.

6.4) Organization of plein air places where under the guidance of an experienced artist those present will be able to learn how to paint with watercolors.

6.5) Planting trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.

6.6) Development and installation of information stands.

6.7) Organization of environmental practices aimed at restoring degraded natural landscapes, such as the creation of ecological trails, the establishment of a rotten reserve, a honey meadow, etc.

6.8) Cleaning up after the event.

The project has been successfully implemented in Perm since 2020.