(initiating country: Russia)
The Vita project is aimed at involving children with disabilities in creative activities. As part of the project, an inclusive creative community is created in which children with disabilities do dancing, art and vocal performances together with ordinary peers. The project involves the following tasks:

1) to form a team of volunteer teachers who have undergone appropriate training. Young artistic directors are involved in the creation of productions and teach the wards the basics of choreography, stage skills and rhythm.

2) to organize inclusive creative teams that develop joint activities and prepare performances such as dancing, singing, reading poetry, vocals, acting.

3) to perform concert activities of inclusive creative groups at the sites of the Palaces of Culture. Families and friends of young artists, activists of youth organizations, representatives of government bodies become the spectators.

4) to open “Vita houses”, in which children with special needs will be able to engage in creative activities on a permanent basis. Premises are provided by local governments free of charge for these purposes, current activities are provided on a grant and sponsorship basis.

All stages of the project have been successfully implemented in the Perm Krai (Russia); at the final stage, the project is being implemented in St. Petersburg.