(initiating country: Russia)
The project is aimed at guidance for high school and elementary students. The project consists of a series of motivational meetings with representatives of various fields where education of the same profile is required. The implementation of the project involves the following tasks:

1) to determine the classes and faculties where the problem of self-determination of students is most acute.

2) to conduct an initial survey of participants regarding the proposed choice of occupation after graduation.

3) to form a list of speakers based on the specifics of the audience in at least three areas where the students can work after graduation (for example, hired labor, private business and the public sector - for Management students).

4) to organize motivational meetings with at least two speakers in each area (at least 6 in total), where well-known representatives of a particular field will present the pros and cons of working in their industry.

5) to organize visits to target groups for full-time immersion in the specifics of the activity.

6) to conduct a final questionnaire to fix the results of career guidance activities.

The project has been implemented in Russia since 2013, in December 2022 it was proposed for use in other countries at the IPC site.