(initiating country: Russia)
The project aims to involve a wide audience in unpopular sports. Through a big holiday, at which various sports disciplines are presented, young and adult residents are attracted to these sports. The project includes the following tasks:

1) to determine the list of sports, classes for which are held, but are not "on hearing". For example: American football, rounders, kettlebell lifting and so on.

2) to arrange the participation of sports federations, clubs and circles in a common event. Participation formats are a sector-platform with a practical presentation of a sport, master classes on a common ground or demonstration performances on stage.

3) to coordinate the event with the authorities and conduct a wide announcement through the media.

4) to attract partners and sponsors from sports shops, bookmakers and other sources of extrabudgetary funding.

5) to hold a one-day event with the presentation of unpopular sports.

6) to organize the acceptance of applications in the section for the relevant sports from the participants of the event.

7) to track the number of new groups and the number of people who came to the sections and sports clubs based on the results of the event.

The project is being successfully implemented in the Perm Territory (Russia), annual events have been held three times in large urban areas, and are currently temporarily held online due to coronavirus restrictions. In 2020-2021 it was held online due to coronavirus restrictions, but since 2022 it has returned to face-to-face mode