(initiating countries: China, Indonesia)
The project is aimed at promoting national culture in a foreign environment, as well as the formation of intercultural ties. Implementation of the project involves the following tasks:

1) To choose a country and city with universities with a large number of foreign students (primarily from the initiating country).

2) To form an organizing committee from representatives of the student community, the embassy of the initiating country and the authorities of the host country.

3) To develop a program in which the national culture of the initiating country will be presented, also creative teams and students of the host country will take part in elements of the program.

4) To organize an event at a large venue inviting ambassadors, diplomats, diaspora leaders and other officials from as many countries as possible.

5) If possible, during the event, present not only a cultural program, but also introduce guests to other advantages of the initiating country: unique food products, national cuisine, tourist routes, etc.

The project was implemented by IPC participants from China in 2022 in Moscow (Russia), the event was dedicated to classical music. Another event of this format was organized with the participation of representatives of the IPC from Indonesia in Madrid (Spain); it was dedicated to music and theatrical art. Several more festivals of this format are planned for 2024.