(initiating country: Kyrgyzstan)
The project is aimed at developing theatrical culture in the country through an annual festival, where theatrical groups of the country and foreign artists will present the achievements of theatrical art. The project includes the following tasks:

1) To identify and include exemplary theatrical productions of local groups and theaters in the program;

2) To combine them with the performances of foreign theater groups from friendly countries;

3) To involve a wide range of young people to participate in the festival as spectators, as well as to discuss theatrical art through modern communication channels: social networks, bloggers, opinion leaders;

4) To form among the youth the tradition of attending theatrical performances.

The project is being implemented in Kyrgyzstan and is aimed at strengthening creative ties with the EAEU countries, following its implementation in 2022, the project will be ready for borrowing in other countries where the problem of attracting the attention of young people to the theater is relevant.