Participants from Iraq and Serbia joined the IPC

The composition of the International Project Congress was replenished with two new countries. At the International Forum of People's Diplomacy, which took place on June 3 in Moscow, young leaders from Iraq and Serbia announced their desire to join the IPC.

The first representative of Iraq was the leader of the Qadimun party, Hussien Ali Al-Ramahy. Serbia is represented in the IPC by the head of the chamber choir of the Society of Journalists of Vojvodina, a member of the humanitarian organization "Voice of Metohija" Aleksandar Kocic.

Also according to the results of the Forum, Diana Kadyrova, the head of the Moscow interuniversity scientific platform "MosStudNauka", became a new member of the IPC from Russia.

Thus, at the moment, 18 countries of the world are involved in the IPC. In the coming weeks, the next replenishment of the list of IPC participants from current and new countries is expected.