Pakistan is the 21st country in the International Project Congress

International Project Congress continues to expand the geography of its activities. The first member of the IPC from Pakistan is Hassan Ashraf, founder and director of the charitable educational foundation Umeed. This organization accepts 1,500 children from the slums for free education every year, eliminating illiteracy and giving poor children a chance to succeed in life.

For Pakistan, this is a very important project: 22.8 million Pakistani children aged 5-16 are not enrolled in schools, and only 63% of children complete at least primary school. Most often, they are forced to work from an early age, so study within the framework of this charitable project takes place in the evening.

By the end of 2023, Umeed plans to open at least 100 free schools across Pakistan. At the same time, the fund collects and distributes food packages for many thousands of poor families, provides constant targeted financial support to many hundreds.

The activities of 26-year-old Hassan Ashraf are highly appreciated at the international level. Last year he received one of the most prestigious humanitarian awards in Europe, becoming the winner of the Diana Award (UK). June 2022 he visited Russia, where his project was among the best at the Eurasia Global forum.

In the near future, the Pakistani membership of the IPC will be replenished with new young leaders, and the best practices of Pakistani youth will replenish our base of project exchange.