Youth of Tajikistan entered the International Project Congress

Representatives of the IGC took part in the online meeting “Russia - Tajikistan. Investments in Human Capital". The presentation of the International Project Congress was included in the main program of the Russian-Tajik meeting, following which the young leaders of Tajikistan expressed their readiness to join a new international project.

Young leaders from Tajikistan expressed their hope that the platform of the International Project Congress would allow many Tajik youth projects to grow up to the international level, as well as to use the best foreign practices in Tajikistan. The most likely areas for exchange are volunteering, social entrepreneurship, crime prevention and healthy lifestyle projects.

Colleagues from Tajikistan are planning to take part in the next series of discussion and educational events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. The next (third in the series) conference will be held by the Belarusian side.