"Like to the driver", implemented by the Perm Youth Center, entered the pool of projects of the International Project Congress (IPC) for implementation in other countries

Since January 2016, the project from a series of flash mobs has grown into an extensive program of promoting safe and responsible behavior on the roads, which is being implemented in more than 40 Russian cities, and will now be implemented in the countries participating in the IGC.

"Like to the driver" is a series of events between activists and traffic police officers. When a driver lets a pedestrian pass on an unregulated pedestrian crossing, he gives the driver a symbolic "like" as a token of gratitude, raising his thumb up. On the one hand, "Like to the driver" becomes an additional motivation for the driver to comply with traffic rules and let pedestrians pass, and on the other hand, it is an opportunity for a pedestrian to cheer up himself and those around him, and to receive a smile from the driver in return.

Mikhail NETSVETAEV, Representative of the International Project Congress:
  • The project became international back in 2016, the experience was adopted by young leaders from Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. At the IPC site, representatives of the participating countries are also interested in the project and will soon begin to implement the project in their countries.