In Russia, the annual festival "Atmosphere of Sports" from the IPC project portfolio was held

The festival is an exhibition of various sports. Each guest of the event can try the presented types for himself, choose the ones he likes and exchange contacts with the coach or catch the spirit of sports. Demonstration performances and competitions for medals were held on the main stage of the festival. In addition, especially distinguished guests were able to receive commemorative medals and certificates.

July 24 in Perm, the festival was attended by: the basketball club "PARMA-PARI", the football club "Amkar", the hockey club "Molot", the American football club "Steel Tigers", the CrossFit Federation, the Cheerleading Federation, the Inclusive Team, participants of the Special Olympics Smash hit for children with disabilities and the disabled, breakdance schools, a speedcubing school, the Museum of Soviet Life with simulators of past years, stretching studios, fencing clubs and many others.

It is planned that in the coming months similar festivals will be held by participants of the International Project Congress in other countries of the world.