IPC Vice Chair from India Madhish Parikh Attended Urban 20 Mayoral Summit

As part of the Indian G20 Chairmanship, Ahmedabad, India hosted the Urban 20 Mayoral Summit. Through the U20, cities from G20 member states engage with the G20 and commit to working together with national governments to move from intention to action and draft a roadmap for global change that will be driven together with cities, closing the gap between policy and practice at all levels of governance.

The 2023 U20 chair has identified six priority areas building on this year’s G20 theme “One Earth – One Family – One Future” that are critical for inspiring city level actions to respond to global agendas:

(1) encouraging environmentally responsible behaviors,

(2) ensuring water security,

(3) accelerating climate finance,

(4) championing local identity,

(5) reinventing frameworks for urban governance

(6) planning and catalyzing digital urban futures.