IPC and International Media Group Russia Today jointly held a SputnikPro media workshop for African journalism students

On February 6, the first media master class was organized by the international media group "Russia Today" and the International Project Congress. The master class was attended by journalism students from Côte d'Ivoire, Cameroon, Morocco, Nigeria and Togo. The leading speaker was Vasily Pushkov, Director for International Cooperation of IMG "Russia Today".

The master class discussed ways to recognize fake news, government propaganda tools, and the importance of using a variety of alternative resources to search for and analyze information. After the event, the participants were given a tour of the building of the media group, including the Arabic and French editorial offices of the holding, where the participants were able to get acquainted with the inner workings of the organization and communicate with the editors.

Ilya Lisnyak, Chairman of the International Project Congress: "The media direction became the second in the International Project Congress. At the start, we were engaged only in project exchange between young leaders from different countries, but it's no secret that the modern world is ruled by the media, and the harmonious development of the information space of all our countries is no less important than the implementation of socially significant projects."

The next event will be an online Sputnik master class for journalists from francophone African countries. The workshop is scheduled for March.