IPC participants from Russia organized a session within the framework of the VII Scientific and Practical Conference of Russian Analysts

On October 21, the VII Scientific and Practical Conference of Russian Analysts was held at the Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The coordinator of the interuniversity direction of the IPC, the head of the Moscow interuniversity scientific platform MosStudNauka Diana Kadyrova organized the session "Youth organizations as a tool for the intellectual transformation of Russian society and a catalyst for development."
The purpose of the session was to study the role of youth organizations in the emerging world order and in solving key political, economic, social, technological, information and other tasks.

Within the framework of the session, IPC Chairman Ilya Lisnyak spoke about the possibilities of interaction with foreign countries and institutions within the framework of the IPC and about the activities of the association. Secretary of the IPC Mark Korobov in his report revealed the possibilities for the development of youth projects through participation in grant mechanisms, for example by the contest “I See. I can. I do”, which implies the formation of a profile state task. IPC participant, chairman of the Perm Youth Center Anna Abrazhenchik spoke about how independent youth associations in the regions can become a project factory for public organizations throughout Russia and beyond.