Kazakhstan will join the International Project Congress

Yesterday, on November 26, representatives of the International Project Congress took part in the Russian-Kazakh Youth Forum, organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in conjunction with the National Council of Youth and Children's Associations of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. This year, the forum was devoted to educational topics; due to coronavirus restrictions, all forum sites were transferred to the online format. The event was attended by 80 young leaders from both states, the list of participants was formed on the basis of a competitive selection from hundreds of applications. Representatives of the IPC made a presentation at the section "Youth cooperation in the scientific and educational sphere".

Ilia LISNIAK, Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Perm Region:
  • It would seem that closed borders impede the establishment of international relations - however, within the framework of our idea, we managed to establish all the processes in an online format. The restrictions even became benefits: it is unlikely that in the usual offline mode we would have been able to organize joint work with other continents so quickly.

Following the results of the forum, representatives of Kazakhstan announced their readiness to join the International Project Congress, they will speak at the next online conference of the IPC. As part of this event, the results of joint projects dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory and the preservation of historical memory will be summed up. Also the IPC will determine starting lineup of the participating countries and will form a plan for joint activities. The right of coordination in the IGC is transferable: earlier the events were launched by Russian participants, then by Azerbaijani ones, and now the Belarusian Republican Youth Union will be involved in organizing the process.

Mikhail NETSVETAEV, Representative of the International Project Congress:
  • For 2020, we planned a number of joint events with our Belarusian colleagues, and even agreed with the regional Ministry of Education to send a delegation of promising young historians and winners of regional Olympiads to Brest. But COVID-19 made its own adjustments, so the first half of our joint work was held in the format of general online conferences.

It is expected that within a month the International Project Congress established in Perm will be replenished with representatives of Uzbekistan and Mongolia, and next year the expansion of geography will continue.