IPC participants from Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan and China became speakers of the i international conference “Europe-Asia. Dialogue of civilizations»

In the Perm Territory (on the conditional border of Europe and Asia) the first International Conference “Europe – Asia. Dialogue of Civilizations”, which was attended by more than 200 people from various countries of Eurasia. These are senators and deputies of national parliaments, university leaders, diplomats, public figures and other public leaders. The initiator of the conference was the Senator of the Russian Federation, head of the parliamentary "Eurasian Dialogue" Andrey Klimov.

The speakers of the platform "Actual issues of preservation of intangible cultural heritage in the XXI century" were representatives of the International Project Congress. Daniel Chechenbekov, member of the IPC, President of the United Youth Organization of the Kyrgyz Republic, spoke about the Kyrgyz experience in this area. Zhang He, a member of the Office of the Russia-BRICS International Youth Cooperation Program, presented Chinese practices for the preservation of intangible cultural heritage to the forum participants.

In the section "Spiritual Aspects of the Eurasian Dialogue" a report "On the role of the older generation in Cambodian culture and spiritual life" was made by the IPC participant, Rector of the Angkor University of Cambodia Rattha Gnel.

Representatives of the Russian composition of the IPC took part in the final plenary session of the conference. They supported the adoption of the final resolution of the conference and expressed their gratitude to the organizers for their cooperation with the International Project Congress.