IPC Chairman Raymond Matlala hosted BRICS Youth Innovation Summit

From 27 to 30 March, the BRICS Youth Innovation Summit was held in Pretoria, South Africa, organized by the Chairman of the IPC, Chairman of the South African BRICS Youth Association, Raymond Matlala. The summit included panel discussions on opportunities for young people in various fields within the BRICS alliance. On March 29, young startupers and entrepreneurs defended their projects at thematic sessions on youth volunteering, green economy, skills development and edTech, manufacturing, digitalization and agribusiness.

Within the framework of the summit, a project from the portfolio of the IPC "Clean Games" was also presented. After the thematic sessions, the participants managed to take a part in the cleaning of Pretoria's natural areas using the "Clean Games" technology.

The IPC participant from India, Chairman of the International Youth Edu-Skills Fund (IYESF) Akil Mohammad spoke at the session on youth volunteering. Representatives of the IPC also took part in the summit: Lais Vitoria Cunha de Aguiar, Coordinator of the World Youth Parliament in Brazil; Saurab Kumar (India), Ambassador of Youth and Climate in YOUNGO; and Anna Abrazhenchik, head of the IPC Public Diplomacy Department.