The project portfolio of the IPC was updated with 7 projects from India and Côte d'Ivoire

The formation of a project portfolio for the exchange of successful practices between young leaders and youth organizations around the world continues on the platform of the International Project Congress.

Participants from India proposed 5 projects for international use:

1) "Green Planters" (an environmental project aimed at involving secondary raw materials in solving environmental problems and improving indoor air quality).

2) "Menstrual literacy" (an educational project aimed at increasing the literacy of the population of different countries in matters of feminine hygiene and menstrual processes).

3) "Seed Ball" (environmental project aimed at involving employees of corporations in the production of seed balls that can be planted on suitable land to create modern forests)

4) "School Transformation" (a volunteer project aimed at establishing a creative environment and modern learning conditions in traditional schools).

5) "World Heritage Camp" (a volunteer project aimed at a wide range of young people in the preservation of cultural heritage).

Côte d'Ivoire, which recently joined the IPC, offered 2 of its successful projects for implementation in different countries of the world:

1) "HIV-Info" (an educational project aimed at raising awareness of HIV / AIDS problems and precautionary measures for men and women at risk.)

2) Kind Patrol (a volunteer project aimed at creating comfortable living conditions and a positive emotional atmosphere in social institutions).

A brief description of the projects is located in the "Projects" section, for each of them the participants can receive full organizational and methodological support from the authors of the project for free. At the moment, the project portfolio of the IPC consists of 27 projects in various areas of youth activity. Mark Korobov, Secretary of the International Project Congress, is ready to advise you on all issues of project activities and international project exchange: +7 908 271 69 17,