Vice chairman of the IPC held a working meeting with the director of the UN office for Europe and central Asia

On March 8, in Bishkek, a meeting was held between the leaders of the Kyrgyz youth and the director of the UN Coordination Office for Europe and Central Asia, Gwi Yeop-Son (South Korea). On behalf of the youth of Kyrgyzstan, Askar Shaikidinov, Vice Chairman of the International Project Congress, Chairman of the Congress of Youth of Kyrgyzstan, spoke at this meeting.

The meeting was devoted to the youth policy of Kyrgyzstan, the volunteer movement in the country and the influence of the UN system on the development of these industries. In her speech, Gwi Eop-Son noted that active young people under 24 in Kyrgyzstan make up 50% of the country, and this is a big force. The meeting participants voiced their forecasts for the development of the country in the next 5 and 10 years and outlined the range of opportunities and risks.