The project portfolio of the IPC was replenished with new projects

In December, seven new successful practices were added to the project exchange database:

1) “DRUG REHABILITATION” (initiator country: Nigeria). The project aims to reduce the level of drug use through both face-to-face and online meetings with drug users or people at risk.

2) "ECO-INFO" (initiator country: Nigeria). The project aims to promote the environmental agenda among the management of social and industrial enterprises, as well as government bodies.

3) FOR LIFE (initiator country: Nigeria). The goal of the project is to create a movement against depression and suicide, aimed at creating strategic and effective practices that increase protection against the risk of suicide.

4) AFRO GLOBAL MEDIA (leading country: Mali). The project is aimed at creating a free youth Internet television to cover current topics of the territories, as well as providing a platform for young journalists.

5) "MARATHON OF COURAGE" (initiating country: Belarus). The project is aimed at patriotic education and attracting the attention of young people to preserving the historical memory of the heroic deeds of past generations.

6) "RIGHT CHOICE" (initiator country: Russia). The project is aimed at vocational guidance for senior schoolchildren and elementary students.

7) "PUBLIC DIPLOMACY" (initiating country: Malaysia). The project aims to organize interaction between young public diplomats and the official diplomatic sector.

Implementation of projects in other countries participating in the IPC will begin in January.