Members of the IPC took part in the organization of the II Forum "Russia - Africa: What's next?"

The international forum was held in Moscow from 24 to 26 October, for the second year in a row it has been held in MGIMO. In addition to speaking at plenary sessions and participating in discussions, this year sports competitions were organized for participants from different countries.

IPC participant from South Africa Victoria Maheso Tumisang acted as the organizer and moderator of the round table “Sociocultural and economic problems faced by the youth of Russia and Africa”, also the conclusion from the official representative of the IPC from Russia Anna Abrazhenchik was presented there. As part of the round table, the participants spoke about the difficulties in adapting African students to study in Russian conditions, about logistical obstacles in transport communication and trade, and the language barrier. For each of the significant problems, a specific list of proposals was drawn up, which will be sent to the diplomatic departments of Russia and African countries.

Chairman of the IPC Ilya Lisnyak spoke during the brainstorm on humanitarian cooperation between Russia and African countries, where he spoke in detail about the project exchange based on the IPC as one of the tools for developing humanitarian ties. On the sidelines of the forum, the African side has already proposed a series of projects that will be offered for project exchange to colleagues from Russia and other countries.

The general feeling from attending all the venues of the forum is that the youth of Russia and Africa are confidently navigating the new geopolitical conditions and are fully prepared for the formation of a multipolar format of international relations. The first confident steps in this direction have already been taken.