The geography of the IPC has been expanded to 37 countries

As a result of the UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries, which was held in Doha (Qatar) from 4 to 9 March, the IPC was joined by:

GHANA: John Aggrey - Founder and CEO of HIRED Consult, co-partner of The Youth Consortium

SOMALIA: Fathi Bashe - Founder of the Fathi Initiative, Member of the Horn of Africa SDGs Network

SIERRA LEONE: Thomas Kingsley Justice Lebbe - Executive Director and co-founder of the Global Youth Network for Peace

The current IPC participant lists in Bangladesh and Nigeria have also been expanded:

BANGLADESH: Afruza Tanzi - Chief Operating Officer of social enterprise Protibha from It's Humanity Foundation

NIGERIA: Alabidun Mahfuz Mudathir - Founder of the Inmates Educational Foundation