IPC participants from different countries spoke positively about the entry of Argentina into the BRICS

As part of a series of online discussions on the Zoom platform, young leaders from different countries, represented on the IPC platform, discussed the prospects for the development of BRICS. Argentina was named one of the most likely candidates for entry in the very near future. According to the participants, joining the BRICS will provide the basis for Argentina to make independent decisions and open up many opportunities. Representatives of the BRICS countries in the International Project Congress noted that, first of all, this will be a wise decision and a real alternative to financial power and imposed economic and trade policies in the delicate state of the main European economies.

The participants highly appreciated the participation of Argentina, as it will become an important pole of regional stability and a platform for the development of economic cooperation. Integration with the BRICS New Development Bank is of particular interest. This does not even require prior membership in the bloc, but the funding would enable the launch of infrastructure projects vital for national productive development, as well as improve the country's sustainable growth opportunities.