A general conference of the International Project Congress for 30 countries was held in Russia

The conference was held on December 6 at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia) in a mixed format - representatives of 10 countries attended the conference in person, the rest joined the event online via Zoom. The participants of the IPC spoke about the project and social activities implemented in their countries, exchanged ideas and planned new joint projects within the framework of the international project exchange, which is the basis of the International Project Congress.

As a result of the conference, the IPC welcomed participants from three new countries: Mali, Nigeria and Uzbekistan. The geography of the IPC has expanded to 30 countries. In addition, at the moment the project portfolio has quadrupled to 28 successful practices, many projects have already become international and are being implemented in several countries participating in the IPC.

At the conference, the governance of the IPC announced plans to launch its own scientific platform, and preparations have already been carried out. Also MIA "Russia Today" announced the SputnikPro media school for journalists from the countries participating in the IPC. Representatives of the key Russian media expressed their readiness to provide a platform for foreign young leaders, participants and experts of the IPC to speak on their resources.