The management of the IPC held a series of working meetings with the federal authorities and key international organizations of Russia

On May 13-16, the leadership of the International Project Congress visited Moscow. The business trip was attended by:

  • Ilya LISNYAK, Chairman of the IPC;
  • Mark KOROBOV, Secretary of the IPC;
  • Anna ABRAZHECHIK, coordinator of the interuniversity direction of the IPC.

In the State Duma of the Russian Federation, meetings were held with long-term partners of the IPC from the deputy corps, as well as with the chairmen of key committees of the Russian parliament. The leaders of the IPC also took part in a meeting of the Organizing Committee of the International People's Diplomacy Forum, met with the leadership of the Eurasian Peoples' Assembly, held talks with the leadership of the Russian Media Group, a number of sports federations and national associations. The results of all meetings will be reflected in the IPC program of events for May and June.