South Africa hosts IPC Chairmanship handover ceremony

At the online conference of the IPC, which was organized on February 17, 2023 from the walls of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, by unanimous decision of the conference delegates, the chairmanship of the IPC was transferred to South Africa. On March 3, in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, the ceremony of transferring the honorary right of chairmanship in the International Project Congress took place. The new chairman is Raymond Matlala, chairman of the South African BRICS Youth Association. He was given an extract from the protocol of the conference on his election, handed over the seal and flag of the chairmanship, and handed other attributes of the IPC.

The chairman assigned the functions of the secretariat for 2023 to Russia, and Ilya Lisnyak was appointed the new secretary. The Secretariat will be transformed through the formation of specialized departments in order to more effectively coordinate the current activities of the IPC.