Members of the IPC initiated the creation of a subcommittee on youth and sports in the Parliament of Venezuela

As part of the meeting of the National Assembly of Venezuela, by the initiative of a member of the International Project Congress, deputy Arnaldo Sanchez, a subcommittee on youth and sports was created, which will create laws adapted to each territory, as well as to the needs of youth and athletes. All of this will strengthen the parliamentary agenda for solving the tasks facing the National Assembly in the near future.

Together with Arnaldo Sanchez, the vice-speaker of the Venezuelan parliament, Vanesa Montero, who also participates in the International Project Congress, will take part in the development of new subcommittee.

Vanesa MONTERO, vice President of the National Assembly of Venezuela:
  • We consider it necessary in 2022 to consolidate the reforms of laws for youth: in particular, the Law on Universities and the Law on Youth. In addition, we have committed ourselves to ensuring the dissemination of existing laws