(initiating country: India)
The international project "World Heritage Camp" is aimed at involving a wide range of young people in the preservation of cultural heritage. The project includes the following tasks:

1) to organize a 10-day camp on the territory of your country, which will be attended by representatives of youth, volunteer organizations and authorities.

2) to launch volunteer work to restore historical values and places of interest in the territory of the camp

3) to conduct panel discussions with experts on key topics related to this cultural heritage site.

4) to take photos and videos of the place and record the changes achieved throughout the camp.

5) to send to the authorities and organizations for the protection of cultural heritage the final materials with the resolutions of experts on panel discussions, the results of volunteers work and the agreements reached with local communities.

The project is being implemented by IPC participants from India in different countries of the world, local IPC participants and activists are involved in it.